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The free all-in-one password manager and security assistant that secures teams. Manage team passwords, prevent phishing and keep credit cards safe. All for free forever

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How Tilig makes your life easier

Automatically login everywhere

Still typing in passwords? Or clicking “forgot password” once a week? Let Tilig automatically do all of that for you by generating, remembering and magically filling in passwords everywhere you go.

Securely store passwords, creditcards and more...

Get rid of those yellow sticky notes! Tilig takes care of your passwords, credit card details, WiFi codes, and other personal information. All safely stored to give you piece of mind.

Share sensibly

Easily share sensitive notes, passwords and credit cards with anybody. It takes just one click to share. Everything you share is securely encrypted.

Start using Tilig and protect yourself, your team and family. It’s free forever.


We’re on a mission: making password management free for everyone

Families and small businesses are being left behind by Big Tech. But we all need to stay safe online, because we’re all vulnerable.

That’s why we created Tilig with the mission to simplify security, and make online safety accessible to all. We’ve put ease-of-use at the core of everything that we do, and made it free, forever


So whether its for your school, your startup, your family, your club or just yourself, Tilig is the security assistant for you.

More than


of hacks occur due to weak passwords.

more than


of organizations are experiencing an increase in phishing attacks.


State of the art security

Proven security frameworks are the core of Tilig’s security architecture.

Libsodium framework

Tilig is built on top of the open source security framework Libsodium (NaCL). It’s extremely secure and battle-tested by thousands of engineers.


You don’t need a master password, so you don’t run the risk of forgetting, losing or leaking it. That’s what we call security by simplicity.

Multi-factor authentication

Google and Apple take care of our multi-factor authentication. They’re one of the most secure 2FA systems in the world.


Enjoy passwordless, without the costs

The holy grail of passwordless logins are Single-Sign On (SSO) solutions like Okta. However, they come with a heavy price tag: the SSO tax. As a consequence, only large enterprises and government organizations can afford to use it. With Tilig you can finally enjoy the benefits of passwordless and save more than $100 per user per year!

Price user per year




Price for 10 users per year





Simpler than all others. And therefore more secure too.

Each year, companies and families get hacked because of password reuse and clicking on phishing links. Don’t be like one of those. Get started in 1 minute!

Magic login automation on every website

No master password to remember

No security codes to print out on a piece of paper

2-factor secured by Google and apple

Start using Tilig and protect yourself, your team and family. It’s free forever.