What we believe and stand for

Using Tilig to manage your passwords is really important, like flossing. Reusing passwords or writing them down is not flossing.

At Tilig, we are on a mission to make the web easier to use. Today, we're doing that by eliminating remembering and typing passwords from browsing the web. We're building a password manager that's free and so easy to use that even your parents get it.

Tilig came to life in the mind of our founder, Sid Sijbrandij, on a boat in the San Francisco bay. Take a moment to listen to our origin story, here.

Why are we building it?

Most people know they shouldn't reuse passwords or write them down, but they do because it's impossible to remember a thousand, a hundred or even ten different passwords over the course of years. We're not squirrels that remember where they buried thousands of acorns! It's simply easier to use the same or similar passwords everywhere.

This is a huge security problem, for everyone. If you use the same password on a little forum about board games as you do for your bank, you've put yourself at a major risk. The bank is unlikely to get hacked, but that forum very well might. A malicious person could take the password you used for the forum to get to your money, just by using that same password.

That's where Tilig comes in. Our goal is to make logging in to any website or app so easy that you don't even need to know the password. When you sign up somewhere, Tilig will generate a unique, secure password, remember it and automatically fill it in any time you want to log in. And if you ever need to look it up, it's right there in Tilig.

By using Tilig, no two websites or apps ever have the same password. If your board game forum gets hacked, you have nothing to worry about because literally all of your other accounts are still perfectly safe!

What are we building?

Tilig is a password manager that is unbelievably easy to use and is free, forever. Our goal is for it to have the following features:

  • Tilig Is completely free, forever
  • Tilig has no master password to remember, instead you sign in with your Google or Apple account
  • Tilig takes less than 5 seconds to open an account with
  • Tilig makes your passwords available anywhere that has an internet connection
  • Tilig works across all your devices, on desktop, mobile, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and as a web app
  • Tilig can work without ever opening an app

Free? How?

Today, Tilig doesn't actually make any money because we're adamant about being free, ad-free and never sharing or selling your data. But how is this sustainable?

Truthfully, it's not, but we're a well-funded startup with a generous runway and we have a future business model in mind that keeps Tilig free forever.

As Tilig grows, we're going to start adding features that allow you to not only manage your passwords but manage entire accounts and subscriptions to other services, like Netflix or the New York Times. Right now, it can be a hassle to know which subscriptions you have, how much you're paying for them and especially how to end them. Tilig will make this all extremely easy.

Whenever you sign up for a paid account somewhere, Tilig will generate a unique virtual credit card for that service, similar to the way it generates a unique password. This way, Tilig can show you exactly how much you're spending per service and you will be able to disconnect the credit card and unsubscribe from the service in one click. Easy!

Where Tilig makes money in this process is purely off of the normal margins of the credit card transactions, at no cost to you.

What if it doesn't work out? Well, that's always a possibility in business. Along the way, we're talking to our users constantly, creating ample opportunity to discover other directions we can take that fit within our vision. However, in the unlikely event that Tilig doesn't make it, all your data will be safe and easily transferred to another password manager.

We're listening

As we work hard at making the web easier to use, we are extremely eager to hear your thoughts on achieving that goal. We always want your feedback, so send us an email anytime!

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