Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is Tilig and how can it help me?

Tilig is a password manager. It’s been built to create strong passwords, remember them for you and even autofill them in websites and apps so that you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at these in more detail. Tilig helps with…

Creating strong passwords: One of the most common ways that hackers gain unauthorised access to an account is by guessing the password. Tilig helps you create unguessable passwords by generating them for you because the stronger your password, the more protected your online accounts will be.

Remembering passwords for you: The thing about strong, unguessable passwords is that they can be difficult to remember. That’s why Tilig remembers them all for you, storing them safely and securely in a digital vault.

Auto-filling your details: Repeatedly typing out email addresses, usernames and passwords every time you signup or login somewhere can get frustrating, especially if the passwords are long and complex. Tilig saves you time and effort by conveniently filling out these details for you. One tap and you’re done. That’s the magic of being secure, without the hassle.

Preventing password re-use: Tilig allows you to easily create unique passwords for every website or app. This means that even if one of your “unimportant” online accounts is compromised and your password becomes public, all of your other accounts are perfectly secure because they do not re-use the same or a similar password.

Does Tilig work across all my devices?

Yes! Tilig is available as a mobile app on iPhone or Android phones and in a web app that you can access through your web browser. For the best experience you should also install Tilig as a browser extension so that we can save and suggest passwords for your accounts as you go about your daily digital life on the web.

When you create a password on one device, it will be automatically synced to Tilig on your other devices. Nice eh?

Will Tilig always be free?

Yes! Our password manager will always be free. We will never limit the number of passwords you can store or the number of devices that you install and sync Tilig with. In the future, we plan to offer additional products alongside our password manager which may be paid services but rest assured - our password manager offering is free, forever.

Data Security and Privacy

How secure is Tilig? Can I trust it?

Tilig is an independent, well funded and growing company whose number one priority is to make the web safer and easier to use for everyone. That means that your security is our mission and it’s why everything about Tilig is designed and engineered with your privacy and security at top of mind.

For example, Tilig uses an algorithm called RSA to encrypt your data so that only you, with your Google or Apple Account, can decrypt it. Crucially, this encryption happens on your device before any data is sent to Tilig. This means that Tilig only ever receives an encrypted data package from your device which even we cannot read or open - only you can! This is the data which we then store for you on our secure servers.

Because your data on Tilig’s servers is strongly encrypted - and only you with your Google or Apple account can unlock it - in the unlikely event of Tilig being compromised, your data still cannot be accessed.

Security researchers estimate that it would take a computer around 300 trillion years to break  the type of encryption that Tilig uses. That’s why we trust it, and we hope you will too.

What exactly do you mean when you say my data is “encrypted”?

Encryption is a way of transforming information into an incomprehensible, unreadable format. It is done in such a way that only the person with the right “key” can transform the information back into its readable format.

For example, before encryption a sentence might look like this: “The quick brown fox”. An encryption algorithm could transform it to something like this: “WTLin7bxOWvN/MncigHqwQ”.

Now, the sentence is totally unreadable and useless to everyone but the person with the key to transform it back.

Tilig uses encryption algorithms that have been heavily tested and verified by security researchers to be reliable, secure and hardened for use in applications like ours. We encrypt your data, on your devices using your key, so that to anyone but you it looks like completely random gibberish, just like in the simple example above. You however, with your key protected by your Google or Apple account, can transform the data back into its readable and useful format.

Is it really safe to have all of my passwords in the cloud?

The answer to this is, it depends! It depends whether what is stored is an encrypted version of your passwords, or if your passwords are simply stored in the cloud as plain, human-readable text. Let us explain.

If you write all of your passwords in a text file or Word document and store it, unencrypted, in the cloud there is a danger that if the cloud service provider is hacked, your data will be there for the hacker to easily see and read.

A solution like Tilig, however, doesn’t store your passwords in plain text in the cloud for any hacker to read. Tilig encrypts your passwords before they leave your device, transforming them into a format that looks like gibberish, completely unreadable by humans or computers. It’s this unreadable format that is stored on our secure servers so that even we cannot see or steal your passwords - and neither could someone who gains access to our servers, in the unlikely event that that should occur.

Where can I find more information regarding security and privacy policies?

Our legal team are glad you asked! They invite you to take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to write us an email at

Using Tilig

What's the easiest way to get started with Tilig?

There are a few ways to get up and running with Tilig quickly:

Importing passwords from another tool

If you’ve already been saving passwords into a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password, or into your browser with Google Chrome then you can use our import wizard to migrate your passwords from your current tool into Tilig.

Saving passwords as you browse the web normally

When you have our browser extension installed you can continue to browse the web and log in to websites as you usually would. Anytime that you login to a website with credentials that Tilig doesn’t already know about, you’ll see a pop up message from Tilig offering to save those login details for you. In this way you can slowly build up your vault over time as you browse the web day-to-day.

Creating passwords directly in the app

Whether you use the web app, the browser extension or the mobile apps, there is a large button to add new accounts to Tilig for secure storage. You can use this method to add the usernames and passwords for all of your accounts one by one. Although this is the least “auto-magic” way of adding items to Tilig, it’s still pretty quick and easy.

We recommend just setting aside 15 minutes to get the job done and then rest easy that, finally, your passwords are safe, secure and accessible across your devices never to be misremembered again!

What is Autofill and why should I use it?

Autofill is the Tilig feature that puts the biggest smile on the faces of people who use it.

With Autofill enabled, Tilig will recognise when you’re logging in or signing up to a service and will offer to fill in these forms for you so that you don’t have to come up with passwords or remember usernames or email addresses.

It works like magic so that with one tap or click you’ll be logged in or signed up securely, saving you time and hassle and keeping you secure in the process.

To get the most out of Tilig and to make staying safe online as easy and seamless as possible, we highly recommend enabling Autofill and using Tilig to it’s full potential.

How do I enable Autofill?

On iOS

During the installation of Tilig on your iPhone, you would have been prompted to enable Autofill. If you skipped this and want to enable Autofill now, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down to find a menu item called “Passwords” and open it
  3. Tap on “Autofill Passwords
  4. Make sure that the toggle to “Autofill Passwords” is enabled
  5. Tap on “Tilig” to enable Tilig to autofill.

On Android

During the installation of Tilig on your iPhone, you would have been prompted to enable Autofill. If you skipped this and want to enable Autofill now, the fastest way is to search in the Settings for “Autofill”. Tap on “Tilig” to enable Tilig to autofill.

On your Web Browser on your desktop

To enable Autofill in your web browser, all you need to do is install the Tilig browser extension appropriate for your browser. Follow the links below for your browser:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
Can I use Tilig on both my laptop and on my phone?

Yes! Tilig works on all your devices. You can access Tilig through the web browser at while on your desktop computer or laptop.

Tilig also has an iOS and Android app, so that you can access and manage your passwords from your phone.

My browser’s built-in password manager is annoying. How can I turn it off?

We think they’re annoying too, and when you’re using Tilig, they’re totally unnecessary and just intrusive. To turn off the built-in password manager in your browser, just follow the steps below for your particular browser.

For Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu in the toolbar, and choose Settings
    a. The Chrome menu looks like three dots, on every right hand side of the toolbar.
  2. Click “Autofill”, then “Passwords”
  3. Turn off “Offer to save passwords”

For Edge

  1. Click the Edge menu in the toolbar and choose Settings
    a. The Edge menu looks like three dots, arranged horizontally, on the very right hand side of the toolbar
  2. Click Passwords
  3. Turn off “Offer to Save Passwords”


What happens if I lose access to my Google or Apple account?

Tilig uses your Google or Apple account to verify you and grant you access to your accounts stored in Tilig. If you forget your password for your Google or Apple account and are unable to login, you will need to contact Google or Apple to arrange for a password reset to regain access to your Google or Apple account.

Both Google and Apple have robust “forgotten password” mechanisms in place to help people recover access to their accounts.

Once you’ve regained access to your Google or Apple account, you can continue to login to Tilig as normal.

Feedback & Support

How can I provide feedback?

We welcome feedback of all kinds! Please, let us know how we’re doing. Tell us what you like and dislike about Tilig, or how we could improve by writing an email to

Where can I get extra support?

If you’re facing difficulties using Tilig, write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re having technical difficulties, please tell us as much information as you can about what the problem is and how it occurred.

Start using Tilig and protect yourself, your team and family. It’s free forever.