Senior iOS Engineer

Europe (remote)

Tilig is looking for a talented and ambitious Senior iOS Engineer who is passionate about developing a high-quality and scalable consumer software product. This individual will contribute to software quality, performance, and resilience through code reviews, test-driven development, continuous integration, and documentation.

In this role, you will take lead of Tilig’s iOS development team. You’ll be hands-on managing one iOS developer. This means you’ll be mentoring and conducting code reviews, but the bulk of your time will be spent developing! You’ll be given the freedom and trust to do your best work at Tilig.

Tilig is an app that balances seriousness with playfulness - we are an app designed for ease of use and delight in a more serious and dry industry (internet security). We are a simple free password manager built for small business and busy families. Tilig exists because the world needs it. We believe that a good, simple, free password manager is something that makes us as a society less vulnerable for hackers.

👀 We’re looking for:

  • Strong grasp of Swift and Interface Builder
  • Demonstrable experience with real-world iOS projects for the App Store or Enterprise distribution
  • Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices for the software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, continuous integration, build processes, testing, and operations
  • Ability to take a project from scoping requirements through launch
  • An eagerness to learn new things and to help others do the same
  • 2+ years professional experience with Mobile development in iOS with Swift and Objective-C

🤗 Who you are:


  • You dream about Swift every night. You love the language, and know the ins and outs.
  • You have hands-on experience with SwiftUI in bigger projects. You are aware of the quirks of SwiftUI and know how to work your way around it, if necessary. We’re not looking for somebody who has dabbled in it, we need someone who has actual experience with an app where SwiftUI was the framework of choice.
  • You also have experience with UIKit. Because SwiftUI is (unfortunately) not yet the solution for everything.
  • You have experience with async/await to clean up callback chains and simplify asynchronous tasks. You have a good understanding of threading on iOS.
  • You have experience with Combine to handle reactive data.
  • You have experience with CI/CD tools for iOS, such as Fastlane and/or Bitrise.
  • You have experience with using cryptographic protocols, such as (a)symmetric encryption and signing
  • You have a good understanding of security principles and security and robustness are important to you


  • You have experience doing code reviews, and can express your critique in a constructive manner that fit asynchronous (remote) work environments
  • You have experience mentoring other, more junior, developers, or have the willingness/ambition to develop your skills in this area
  • You have experience coordinating/scheduling work with the product team

Bonus points if you have affinity with the rest of our (client) stack:

  • macOS (AppKit) development
  • Kotlin development
  • Rails development
  • VueJS development

🐿 Tilig

Tilig is a healthy startup, founded by Sid Sijbrandij, founder and CEO of GitLab. The team is 15 strong and growing with the mission of building everyone's personal assistant. The first iteration of that product is a simple, safe, and easy-to-use password manager - it’s the password manager that works for everyone, and it’s free forever *.* Our ultimate mission is to make the web easier to use for everyone. You can read more about Tilig on our About page.

👋 More About Us

We work in self-directed and autonomous teams with clear goals and ambitious objectives.

Being remote-first, we have a bias towards asynchronous communication and respect each others’ deep work time.

We agonize over the simplicity and usability of our product. After all, we want to make the web safer to use for everyone, not just the tech savvy.

We pay close attention to the cohesiveness of our product across devices because we want users to seamlessly transition from one to the other.

We are data-driven and user-centric, buzzwords that we actually follow through on.

💛 Happy at Tilig

  • 💻 Get all the tools you need to be productive
  • 🕒 Enjoy flexible working hours
  • 🌴 Benefit from unlimited vacation days
  • 🌍 Live & work from any country within -3/+3 CET
  • 🔒 Work on a product that keeps people safe online

📝 Hiring Process

  1. The first step is to apply using the form on this page!
  2. Introduction with someone from the recruiting team to learn more about Tilig and the role
  3. Meet the hiring manager to get a first-hand understanding of what the day-to-day challenges of a Tilig engineer and work through a practical engineering challenge with the team ~60 min
  4. Meet more members of your future team
  5. Final Chat and Offer 🎉