Importing 1Password Passwords

We’ve made it easy to import your accounts from the 1Password Password Manager. Just follow these quick and easy steps to enjoy your previous logins with Tilig across all of your devices!

Export Your Accounts From 1Password

Download the 1Password Desktop App if you haven’t already

  1. Open 1Password and unlock the vault you want to export.
  2. Choose File > Export.
  3. Choose the Comma Delimited Text (.csv) format to move Login items to Tilig.
  4. Enter a filename and click Save.

Import Your Accounts to Tilig

  1. Sign in to Tilig.
  2. Click Import Accounts.
  3. Drag and drop (or select) your 1Password .CSV file

Verify Your Account Information

Assign the fields to the corresponding account information.
There are four fields required before we can successfully import your accounts into Tilig:

  • Account Name
  • Website
  • Username
  • Password

Don't worry if some of the other columns don't make any sense. We'll make sure that you don't lose any data during this import.
Click Next Step and double check to make sure you’ve assigned the fields correctly.

It's That Easy

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Enjoy using Tilig across all of your devices! Don’t forget to install our web extension to autofill your passwords across the web with ease.

Until Next Time,

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