Introducing Tilig: A Password Manager For Everyone

Password managers are great, but almost no one uses them. My friends and family are mainly looking for a simple password manager that just works. The sad reality is that today, no password manager fits that bill.

Passwords Managers. Let's talk About Them.

TLDR: Tilig Password Manager

Password managers are great, but almost no one uses them. My friends and family are mainly looking for a simple password manager that just works. The sad reality is that today, no password manager fits that bill.

Why are existing password managers backwards? They require you to do all the hard work. We believe that computers are supposed to do all the hard work for you.

I feel good when I know my passwords are safe and strong. But, it's tedious to use existing password managers because they remove you from your work flow, there's master passwords to remember and backup codes (where are you supposed to store those?). Setting up a new device is a pain. As a result most of the world doesn't use password managers.

What if?

What if there was a password manager that was much much simpler? I have 3 requirements.

  1. No master password, no backup codes. No new device setup, should just work.
  2. Don't remove me from my work flow, do smart automatic things.
  3. A UX that everyone understands, not just developers.

And let's do this for all of your account management, not just passwords.

The idea of password managers is great. It just needs some rethinking. Let's modernize account management so everyone can use it.

This is the goal of Tilig! Tili is Finnish for "account", and the g just makes it more fun. We've been hard at work testing Tilig with a handful (~90) users. Some are devs, but most of these users are non technical. The oldest is 86 and the youngest is 9. We are seeing 3 groups (personas) of people using Tilig, and we believe Tilig will work great for all of them.

The 3 Users

3 user personas:

  1. The average computer user
  2. The non computer user, but loves their smartphone
  3. The developer

The Average Computer User

Of our existing users, most of them fall into this category. Existing password managers are a chore, and they honestly just don't care. They find their existing password management a pain in the butt. The idea of being hacked isn't a big deal to them. They've had relatives explain to them why they need to use a password manager before. Could we get them to use a password manager and make the world a better place? Yes we can!

happy user #1
happy user #2

They almost sound like paid reviews.

In order for people to use password managers it has to be super convenient and easy. They have to be more convenient than the Excel spreadsheets or the iPhone Notes app or whatever people are currently are using.

To do this we've implemented many magical things. Some user's don't know website addresses, so we find them for you. Setup is instant and using any other devices is just instant. Auto-filling really works everywhere. Among many other great features.

The Non Computer User, But Loves Their Smartphone

I sat on Zoom while our eldest (86 year old) and (self proclaimed) least technical user signed up for our iPhone app, and watched as they saved all their passwords into our app. This user was using our app for a while and they didn't understand what a URL / website was. Many people never type a website address, ever. They go to Google to find everything, and might not even know the website address is a thing. What if we could auto fill the website for them?

Demo #1

The big difference between Tilig and other password managers, is that we are doing the hard work for you. We try and make it harder for you to do something that won't work in the future. We know advanced users exist too so we made sure Tilig still works for everyone.

Remember the part about not leaving your workflow. In an ideal world, you won't open an app at all.

Demo #2

One other pitfall of existing password managers is that they are setup to handle either email or username but not both. You can work around this with custom fields, but the non computer user doesn't know this and just doesn't care. The non computer user may not know the difference between a username and an email in the first place.

The Developer

For the developer, we offer convenience. Tilig has no "master password" or backup codes to store. Tilig doesn't need a transfer process between devices. I've been using Tilig for all my usernames and passwords for the past 6 months, and I completely forgot I was using a password manager. We've gotten the same feedback from other developers as well.

happy dev #1

Tilig fixes many things that should be so much easier about existing password managers. Tilig should "just work". If for some reason it doesn't just work, let us know how we can make your life easier. We want to hear all your feedback.

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