New Name Who Dis?

SubsHQ is changing it's name to Tilig! We are about to launch something really special and will be ready for you to use Tilig full time.

So far our beta testers have been loving using Tilig, and I think you will too. With a password manager, it's even more important that everything we release must be of the absolute highest quality. That's why I've been using Tilig myself, every single day. With our goal being very ambitious:

Tilig is the password manager for everyone.

What I really mean is: Tilig will be the account manager for everyone else. We've found that in the tech community password managers are very popular, but outside of the tech community they are less used, and many people just don't see the point. You'll hear this line a lot: "I use a password manager, but I can't get my partner to use one." We've done some research to figure out why people just don't want to use them, and we found that password managers are just not easy enough. They should be helping you rather than you helping them. You shouldn't have to be a data entry specialist to use a password manager. It should make your life easier, not harder. Our beta testers now say "I look forward to using Tilig because it helps me a lot. It does exactly what I want." This is a quote from an every day beta tester.

Tili means "accounts" in Finnish. We also just really like the name.

In order to find a great name, we went to We thought of 3 options:

  1. Find a name that matched the functionality of our app. e.g.
  2. Find a mythical creature / rare animal / military terminology / famous person from the 1600. e.g. - A giant, evil vampire bat demon.
  3. Make up a name that sounds fun and is easy to remember. e.g.

We don't have many people building this (myself, and a part time infrastructure expert) and I need to finish this app and not spend tons of time and money coming up with a name. Unfortunately, once you start thinking about names, it's really hard to stop until you have a good one.

Once we found the name Tilig, and we agreed that we liked it, we started calling our friends and family and asking them to say the name based on how it was spelled. Then we asked others to spell Tilig based on how others pronounced it. From that we got great feedback!

We can't wait to show you the final product very soon!

Try Tilig for free

and never worry about remembering another password!