The Best Way to Keep Yourself Safe Online

You might as well be throwing money away if your bank account's password is not stored in a password manager like Tilig.

This Chrome extension knows all the fancy tricks in the book and will automatically fill in your passwords for you (and for the tons of other people currently using it).

Here's how it works

Saving data to Tilig

Shop at Apple, Newegg, Best Buy or Target? Use AT&T, Verizon or pretty much any other carrier? When you sign in, Tilig will instantly save your username and password and autofill it for you the next time you visit.

Shopping for a new device on Target but can't remember your password? Tilig automatically fills in your password for you on all your devices.

Autofilling on Tilig

Just look for the Tilig logo on the input.

Tilig logo on input

The best part? It’s totally free. There’s literally no reason not to use it. Get Tilig HERE.

Try Tilig for free

and never worry about remembering another password!