State of the art security

Proven security frameworks are the core of Tilig’s security architecture.

Libsodium framework

Tilig is built on Libsodium, an open source cryptography framework based on NaCl. It is highly secure and battle-tested by thousands of engineers.


You don't need to remember a master password, so you don't risk forgetting or leaking it. That's what we call security through simplicity.

End-to-end encrypted

All your data is encrypted using XSalsa20 before being stored on our servers. Not even we can access your secrets!

Transparent business

Our source code is available for everyone to view and provide feedback. Openness is a core part of our identity. Read more

Multi-factor authentication

Your secrets are secured by your Google or Apple account. Enhance your security with their state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication (2FA) systems.

Are you a security researcher or developer?

Anyone can review and verify the security of our software, and to contribute to its development. Read more on our transparency page.

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Security resources

Technical description

Read a technical description of Tilig’s simple security architecture.

Download our PDF
Bug Bounty Program

Tilig is currently running an invite-only bug bounty challenge with our friends at HackerOne. Our challenge lasts until 2023-02-08. If you want to participate in the challenge, please contact us.

We will soon be launching a public bug bounty program. Stay tuned!

Start using Tilig and protect yourself, your team and family. It’s free forever.