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Password struggles?
You're not alone

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Between memorizing different passwords, re-using similar ones, or trying to remember the name of your second childhood cat in order to log into your accounts, the whole concept of passwords can be pretty stressful.

free your mind

Many of the passwords you come up with yourself aren’t always secure. Short passwords or frequently reused passwords are easily guessed by cybercriminals or even your pesky relatives.

Why you need a
password manager?

No need for memorization

Password managers generate passwords for every website, so you don’t have to come up with new passwords on your own.

More security

Password managers create strong passwords that are at least 10 characters long and not based on your personal information, so you have more security.


Passwords created are securely stored in the cloud. So whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or tablet, you can log into your accounts with ease.

How Tilig can help

We’re a password manager that’s free-to-use and made for everyone. Here are just a few of our unique benefits.

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Made for everyone

We make password management easy. Some password managers can be technical and inaccessible for general users. Our goal is to make sure everyone can access a password manager. We do this by making signing up super easy and making our product free. Yup, even your grandparents can use Tilig!

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We're free

Unlike with other password managers, you never have to pay to use our product. We’ve removed the cost barrier so everyone has access to Tilig. That’s right: we’re free, forever.

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No master password needed

You don’t need to memorize a new password in order to use Tilig. Just sign up through your Google or Apple account and you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Security Questions

Why Google or Apple and no master password?

Good question! Other password managers require you to choose a "master password" that you need to remember forever. They even ask you to print it out on a piece of paper. Paper? Yes, because if you ever forget that master password, you'll lose access to all of your data. We wanted to build something simpler. By working together with Google and Apple, we were able to create a secure system that requires no master password. The only thing you need to do is signing in with Apple or Google. Simple, secure, easy!

How does Tilig stay free?

Today, Tilig doesn't actually make any money because we're adamant about being free, ad-free and never sharing or selling your data. But how is this sustainable? ‍ Truthfully, it's not, but we're a well-funded startup with a generous runway and we have a future business model in mind that keeps Tilig free forever. (Keep your eyes peeled for updates...👀) ‍ Well, what if it doesn't work out? That's always a possibility in business. But we're talking to our users consistently, in order to create new opportunities that fit within our vision. However, in the unlikely event that Tilig doesn't work out for you in the long run, you can rest assured knowing that all your data will be safe and easily transferred to another password manager.

Where are my passwords stored?

Your passwords are encrypted with RSA encryption and safely stored on our servers. The key that is used to encrypt and decrypt your data is stored on a separate Google Firebase server, that is only accessible with your Google or Apple account - and no one else's.


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