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Tilig Phish

AI-powered automated phishing training that prevents you from getting hacked.
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What is the problem?

  • 20% of all employees are likely to click on a phishing email link
  • 67.5% go on to enter their credentials on a phishing website
  • A cyber-attack costs a small business on average $54.000

Solution in short

  • Receive fake phishing emails and prevent yourself from getting hacked!
  • No need to manage a complicated training program
  • No boring content to watch
  • Get started in minutes instead of days

Protect yourself against becoming a phishing victim

Protect your company's security without breaking the bank

Tilig Phish is an affordable and automated phishing training solution that eliminates the need for a program manager. The straightforward setup makes it easy to get started, and our fully automated system simplifies the process, so you don't have to spend extra time managing the program. Stay focused on what matters, and let Tilig Phish handle your security needs.

Enable Tilig Phish with one click on a button.

Receive fake phishing emails sent out by our AI tool

With Tilig Phish, employees can learn to recognize phishing attacks by receiving simulated phishing emails that mimic real attacks. By testing their ability to detect and respond to these attacks, employees can improve their phishing detection skills and avoid falling victim to real attacks in the future. 

Receive fake phishing emails sent out by our AI tool.

Learn to recognize phishing emails

Tilig Phish's AI-generated fake phishing emails provide a realistic and effective way to train employees on how to identify and report phishing attempts, helping to safeguard sensitive company data and prevent costly data breaches.

Learn to recognize phishing emails.

Receive reports on how well you and your coworkers / family members recognize phishing mails

Our AI-powered tool generates detailed reports on the effectiveness of your training, making it easy to identify areas for improvement. Receive regular updates on your team's progress and see how they stack up against industry benchmarks.

Receive reports on how well you and your coworkers/family members recognize phishing mails.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to pay for Tilig Phish while Tilig’s password manager is free?
  1. Tilig Phish and Tilig’s Password Manager are two different products. Our password manager is completely free, for everybody, on unlimited devices. Tilig Phish on the other hand, is not free. It’s a separate product that helps us become filthy rich enhance people’s security.
  2. Or: Tilig Phish is a separate tool. Tilig Phish and Tilig Password Manager work best when used together, but you don’t have to use them both. Tilig Phish a separate product that helps us become filthy rich enhance people’s security.

Is $5 per user a good price?

Glad you asked! Yes, it’s a good price! $5 per month is very competitive. Established phishing training companies easily charge $ 5000 to get a program up and running. Why so expensive? Because big companies are able to spend big on cyber security. However, we want smaller companies to be able to protect themselves as well.

I’m still in doubt. Do you know what else can I buy for $5 per month?

Yes, here’s a list of things you can buy for $5:

1. A water temperature indicator.

2. A gold face mask

3. 3D cookie cutters

So… for $5 you can buy pretty awesome stuff, but compared to protecting yourself against hackers, it’s not such a bad deal, is it?

Think of it as a low-cost insurance policy.

What is phishing?
  1. Phishing is a type of cyber attack in which scammers or attackers try to trick you into providing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, or other personal information. The attackers do this by sending emails or messages that appear to be from a trustworthy source, such as a bank, social media site, or online retailer, but in reality, they are fake or fraudulent.
  2. The goal of phishing attacks is to gain access to sensitive information that can be used for financial gain or identity theft. Phishing attacks often rely on social engineering tactics, such as creating a sense of urgency or fear, to persuade individuals to take action and reveal their personal information.
  3. To protect yourself from phishing attacks, you should be careful when you get emails or messages from people you don't know. Don't give your personal information unless you are sure that the request is real and comes from someone trustworthy.
  4. It is also a good practice to check the authenticity of the website or service that you are interacting with, by double-checking the URL and looking for signs of a secure connection such as the padlock symbol in the address bar. This is why it’s important to use a password manager: it warns you when you’re trying to fill in a password on a different website than the website to which it belongs.
What makes Tilig Phish better than other phishing training tools or programs?
  1. Other training tools require a “program manager” within your company/organization to manage the program, which costs a lot of time and isn’t fun to do. This is the main reason a lot of companies don’t do phishing training. With Tilig’s phishing tool, there’s no need to manage anything, because it’s automated. There’s no need for a “program manager”. You can stay focussed on the stuff that’s important to you, while we take care of your security. 🥷
  2. Tilig Phish is also less expensive. Most phishing training companies focus on big businesses with deep pockets and large security budgets. Tilig Phish is more affordable, and can therefore be used by smaller companies, and even individuals and families too.

Can I also use Tilig Phish without using the free password manager?

Yes, this is possible. However, you’ll get more value out of it when using it in combination with our Tilig’s password manager, because it allows Tilig Phish to automatically select services to send fake emails from. It’ll save you time, but it’s not required.