Everyone can read our source code

We have have made our source code publicly available under the SSPL open source license. This allows anyone to review and verify the security of our software, and to contribute to its development.

Building trust

We believe that releasing our code is the best way to build trust and ensure the safety of our your data.

Easy security audits

We releasing our code publicly, we make it as easy as possible for security researchers to conduct audits on our code.

Community building

By openly sharing our source code, we are inviting the community to help us identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

Code repositories

Our code is publicly available on Gitlab

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Frequently asked questions

Why does this make Tilig more secure than other password managers?
  1. By making our source code publicly available, anyone can look at and review our soft. This includes security experts who can check for any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the code. It allows security experts and the community to identify and fix any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.
  2. As a developer, it is also much harder to “hide” things for end users. By increasing transparency, we make sure that out team can be held accountable. We can’t say A and then do B, because someone will notice.
Why did you choose the SSPL license?
  1. We decided to release Tilig's source code under the SSPL (Server Side Public License) open source license, which was created by MongoDB. This means that anyone can access, review, and use our code, as long as they also make any changes they make to the code available to the public.
  2. Even though the SSPL license is not considered truly open source by OSI, we believe the SSPL license is the right fit for us at this moment. We might move to an official open source license in the future. If you want to use our source code in a different way than SSPL permits, please reach out to us. We’re open to new ideas and initiatives.

Start using Tilig and protect yourself, your team and family. It’s free forever.